Paradise launches new high data rate IP satellite modem

June 29, 2017

Paradise is pleased to announce the launch of a new high data rate IP satellite modem. The QFlex-400 is an IP satellite modem that provides data rates of initially up to 345Mbps (bidirectional) allowing a 72MHz transponder to be filled with a single carrier. When used with our Paired Carrier+ cancellation technology, which allows the outbound and inbounds carriers to be overlapped, this allows around 700Mbps to be transmitted within 72MHz of bandwidth.


The QFlex-400 supports DVB-S2/S2X, which is the most bandwidth-efficient waveform technology available. Compared to the standard Q-Flex, RF performance has been enhanced in several key areas including extended frequency support to 2450MHz (directly addressing the lower part of S band), which can simplify the RF setup when using HTS satellites.


All of the built-in diagnostic tools that Paradise pioneered in the satellite industry continue to be supported, including spectrum monitor, constellation monitor, signal-under-carrier interference detection, beacon receiver, etc., along with our XStream IP suite of advanced embedded IP features.


The QFlex-400 benefits from recent enhancements to our carrier overlap technology, Paired Carrier+. This provides significant additional levels of suppression of the unwanted signal (thereby reducing self-interference), faster signal acquisition and increased robustness in the face of signal degradation.


The result is a versatile state-of-the-art modem that minimises CAPEX by virtue of its ‘single box does everything’ feature set and extremely low OPEX due to its high bandwidth efficiency. The QFlex-400 is suitable for all types of IP services including broadcast video(HD, Ultra HD, etc.), trunking, backhaul and fibre backup restoration.


A datasheet for the QFlex-400, which is available for immediate delivery, can be found here.